How the NexCare health system is doing after the latest incident

WES health system has been in lockdown after a massive incident involving its computer system.

The facility’s computers and network were taken offline and employees had to be placed under quarantine in an emergency meeting.

The outage happened early Friday morning, but the system has now been restored and all systems are back online.

NexCare Health System, a provider of health care, is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It is the fourth time in less than two years that a health system at a facility has suffered an outage.

In April, a NexCare Health system was closed due to a fire.

In October, a large system outage hit the facility, causing it to shut down for six months.

The NexCare system is the second largest provider of healthcare in the U.S. and is the third largest employer in Louisiana.

Its operations include providing health services in New York City, New Jersey, New York, California, and the Carolinas.