How to protect yourself from solar panels

Sunlink Health Systems says it is banning the sale of solar panels to customers because of a new coronavirus outbreak in the region.

The virus is spread by close contact with a person who has recently traveled abroad.

Sunlink says it has been monitoring the outbreak closely, and it has removed all solar panel sales from its website.

Sunlink Health Services has said that it has no plans to make changes to the way it sells solar panels, according to a statement issued by spokesman Mark Wieck.

Sunlinks solar panel products are available at Sunlink’s retail stores and online through its online store.

Sunlinks products are also available for rent at a range of retailers.

SunLink Health Services said it is working with federal and state health departments to investigate the outbreak, and Sunlink has launched a helpline to offer information about coronaviruses.

The company says it plans to release more information as it gets closer to a conclusion.

‘Very happy to be here’: Man dies after being shot in West Hills

An inquest has heard the man who was shot dead at his home in the West Hills was a police officer.

The inquest into the death of Robert James Bannister heard that Mr Bannisters life insurance policy was cancelled on January 19, the same day that a man who called himself “Kurt” arrived at the house in Westwood.

“Mr Bann’s life insurance was cancelled that day,” Coroner Paul Hodge said.

Mr Bains death was not ruled a homicide.

“He died as a result of being shot,” Mr Hodge told the inquest.

“It was an accidental death.”

This was not a homicide.

“The inquest heard Mr Bains life insurance had been cancelled.

Mr Hodge has said Mr Bain’s death was accidental.”

The deceased’s death is not accidental,” Mr Sable said.”

There was no gun, no gunpowder and no gunshot residue,” he said.

Inspector Paul Hrake, of the Westwood police, said he had been called to the scene on January 14, just after 4:00pm.

He was told a man, who was known to police, had entered the house.”

I went to the front door and there was a male and the deceased was deceased,” Inspector Hrake said.

The man was then shot in the back of the head, Inspector Hrake said.

Detective Inspector Hrasko said the man was known in the community and had been known to the police.”

When I entered the front of the house I was greeted by two men with firearms and a knife and I said I’m coming back with your licence to carry and I was told to leave,” Inspector Coker said.

I was told I had a right to carry the weapon that I had been issued,” Inspector Ahern said.

Coroner Hrake told the inquiry he would give a full report to the coroner’s court in about a week.

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