‘Unacceptable’: Relatives of BHIM doctors to be made to pay for cremation

Relatives and friends of doctors at the heart of the BHim hospital chain are being told to pay up for cremations of their loved ones.

BHIM Health Care, a privately-owned private healthcare company that runs the Bhiwani and Jain hospitals, said it is taking steps to prevent the deaths of patients in the cremations.

“We have asked the crematory authorities to immediately take necessary action to stop cremation of the bodies of deceased patients.

The families will be notified in due course of time.

There is no need to delay this process as we have asked them to do so,” said an official at BHM Hospitals, the company’s parent company.

An official at the Delhi-based National Centre for All India Pvt Ltd (NCAPL), which manages the Bhim hospital, confirmed that the families of some patients have been informed and that some bodies will be cremated.

NCAPl said it was “unacceptable” that cremations could take place when the bodies have not been identified.

The government has made a special order to implement the directives of the Supreme Court in a case where a doctor and two other doctors were killed by a group of people.

The court, in its judgement, had said that cremation was not permissible in case of such cases.

According to the Bhati Bhatia Trust, which runs the hospital, it has registered 1,096 cases of cremation for the cremation, which took place in March.

There are a total of 9,547 patients and 10,000 relatives at the hospital and its staff members have been shifted out.

This is the second time in less than three months that a Bhatish hospital has come under the scanner.

Earlier, the Bhandup Hospital in south Delhi came under the scrutiny of the health department.