When do you expect to be able to go to school again?

The ACT Government has been struggling to come up with plans to help families who lost their jobs during the coal seam gas crisis.

In the past few weeks, the Government has confirmed that some ACT schools will be closed for up to a year to allow workers to return to the workplace.

But there are still some questions that remain unanswered.

Do you know if you will be able go to the ACT Government schools again?

Can you still work?

And will there be any money available to help you?

The ACT Government’s response to the coal strike has been to announce a number of measures that will help families affected by the strike.

The Government announced on Tuesday that it would give grants to local governments to provide childcare, childcare services and other assistance to the affected families.

These measures are intended to give those affected a better chance of returning to work.

A further $30 million was announced on Wednesday to help the ACT economy recover.

For those that have lost their job, there are many options available for support, including:A referral to a Workforce Assistance Program (WAP), which provides support to workers affected by industrial action.

This is available to all employees, regardless of employment status.

A Workforce Transition Assistance (WTA) program provides financial assistance to employees that have been affected by an industrial action, including the compensation of unpaid wages.

A referral program, for employers, is available.

This offers assistance to workers who have been negatively affected by a downturn in the ACT’s economy, and provides an opportunity for them to re-enter the workforce.

It can also provide compensation for workers who are unable to return home or otherwise provide for their families.

The WA Government has also announced an assistance program to help affected workers.

The WSA is a program for employers and employees in WA.

It is designed to help businesses and employees with issues related to the disruption caused by the coal mine closure.

A full list of WA Government support programs can be found here.

On Thursday, the ACT said it would also provide financial assistance of up to $5,000 to help with childcare, education and other support for those affected by what it described as a “significant and difficult” industrial action at the ACT mine.

The Government says it will provide a $5 million loan from the NT Government to help pay for childcare, child care services and support for affected workers and families.

“It is also committed to providing assistance to businesses affected by this industrial action to help them re-engage with their workforce,” the ACT Opposition said in a statement on Thursday.

What are some other measures the ACT has announced to help workers affected?

The Government has announced plans to:Provide funding to help schools reopen to pupils, including a childcare loan.

The Commonwealth is also helping to provide grants to help students, and their families, to get back into school.

In the coming days, the WA Government will also announce a $10,000 grant to help people who lost jobs during an industrial strike pay their bills.

And the ACT will also provide support to the WA government, including grants for childcare and childcare services, which are intended for those who have lost a job.

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