Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s health system is not paying for health care

The Governor’s Office of Health announced Monday that the state’s health care system has not paid for the $8.4 million it has already spent on the health care coverage of all its employees.

The system’s failure to pay for its own costs of health care and the cost of its own coverage of employees, health experts and state officials told Buzzfeed News.

The agency said it was investigating the matter.

The Cuomo administration, in a statement, said it “took appropriate steps to make sure that our employees’ health care was covered.”

Cuomo’s administration has faced criticism in recent months for its slow response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor’s administration says it has spent $17.5 million on coronaviruses prevention efforts, $6 million on prevention of new coronavires and $2.5 billion on the spread of coronavire.

In addition, $2 billion in state aid has been pledged to help states fight the pandemic, including $8 billion in direct state aid, $1.6 billion in indirect aid, and $1 billion in loan guarantees.