German health system says it will close due to lack of patients


— — German health system Banyan Health Systems announced Monday that it will shut down due to a shortage of patients.

The German health care agency BHA said in a statement that it is working to fill beds with new patients.

Banyan is the largest provider of medical services to the U.S. in the world.

The agency said it is continuing to monitor the situation.

Banyana said in the statement that the situation was “complex,” and that the company was working closely with health care professionals and hospitals.

It added that it had no further comment at this time.BHA’s decision comes as the U, U.K. and Germany are struggling to cope with a surge of patients arriving in California.

According to Kaiser Health News, California has the most patients of any state in the country.

The state, home to about one in five U..

S.-born adults, is experiencing a dramatic spike in the number of people arriving at the nation’s largest health care system.

On Saturday, Banyana reported that it was unable to meet the demand for beds and the need to increase staffing.

The health care provider said it was also seeing a significant increase in infections and other infections.

The health care organization said in its statement that Banyano had not reached its capacity to absorb all the patients it had to care for and had to close.

In December, the state announced a plan to expand Medicaid coverage for the first time in its history, with the goal of reducing the number and number of uninsured Californians from about 30 million to around 20 million.

The plan would provide money for about 7,500 people who were not eligible for Medicaid but were enrolled in private insurance through the state’s insurance exchange.