Coplin Health Systems, Anthem and Pfizer to launch merger

AmerisourceBergen, TheStreet and Dow Jones are among the initial companies to be acquired by Pfizer Inc. in a $7.7 billion deal that also includes the $8.9 billion purchase of Coplin, the healthcare system maker.

Coplin CEO Tom Gresham said the merger is “an important step toward improving our business and the health of millions of people.”

Coplin and Anthem announced Thursday that they had reached a preliminary agreement to combine their companies’ healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses.

They said the deal will bring combined health care systems a wealth of new resources, including technology and research.

Pfizer, which has been pursuing the merger for more than a year, said in a statement that it would not make any additional comments.

The company said the combined companies will have the power to acquire and license intellectual property.

The deal will result in a combined entity with a consolidated net assets of approximately $8 billion and net income of $1.4 billion, the companies said in their joint news release.

Anthem will be renamed and will no longer be called AmerisourceBerg.

Pwizer, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, will retain its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, and will continue to offer health care coverage across its entire network, the company said.

Anthem is currently focused on its health care business.

Copini Health Systems Inc. will continue operations in Louisville and will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amerisink.

The combined company will be called Coplin.

Amerisink will be the new holding company of the combined company.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Company will retain all of its existing rights, including its existing portfolio of equity instruments and its existing voting and dispositive rights.

The transaction closes on Dec. 31, 2021.

Pflugerville, Ill.-based Amerisources, which operates a medical-device manufacturing plant in the United States, and Amerisystems, which makes software, will remain as part of the merged entity.

Amerisinks operations will remain in the U.S. and operate in the same market as its parent companies.

The Mergers will also include the acquisition of Ameriscript and Ameriscreen.

Ameriscrits products include software and services that make medical devices more secure and reliable.

Amerisecreen’s products include telemedicine, telemeditation and telehealth.

Amerispirits products provide solutions for data-collection and data management.

In a press release, Coplin said the agreement will create the largest, most diversified and diversified medical device company in the world.

Coplin is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, and operates in nearly all of North America.