‘Tough times’ for the Camcovids, with just one team left

CAMCOVIDGE, England — A young Camcobian who had been a member of the England rugby team for more than a decade says he and his family are now living in a “crisis” with the Camcovids, the club he joined. 

Alex Corney said he was working on his CV to be a manager in the UK when he was asked by the club to help out at their training camp in Spain.

“It was the biggest challenge in my life and it’s the biggest regret in my career,” Corney, 21, said on his blog.

The former Oxford, Cambridge and Durham rugby player is one of just a handful of England players to have played in Spain, the Caribbean and in other European countries.

He said he wanted to return to England, but had been offered a coaching job in the United States.

Camcobians had a bad season, but Corney was optimistic they could rebound in 2017 and 2018.

But now they are down to just one full-time player, while the team is in the process of building a new facility in the south of France.

This comes after England announced last week that it would not field a new team next year, and that it is likely to leave a player from its squad.

Cameron Carter-Vickers was the only other English player to play in Spain in 2017.

England has only four professional sides, and Corney has played just three games for the national side this season.

His experience with the team was not good, Corney wrote.

And the team has lost seven of its last nine games, including the three that Corney played for.

After he joined the Camcoras, Corney, who was born in France, said he had “never been a fan” of the English team.

So he said he joined them out of a love of rugby.

Corney, who now lives in Spain and plays for Camcova, has been working on developing his CV, but said he hoped to become a manager.

For now, he is taking up coaching at the United Arab Emirates club.

I want to be manager.

I want to coach, and I want the team to win,” Corneys blog post said.

It’s not the first time he has wanted to coach.

He was a player with Oxford and Cambridge and played for Durham before joining Camcoc, which he left at the age of 16.

During his career, Corneys was called “the future” of rugby and was widely tipped for a place in the England team.

He made his first England start in 2014, and was part of England’s win over Wales in the 2019 Six Nations, but was withdrawn in favour of Aaron Cruden.

A year later, he joined Camcoco, where he played until 2018.

Corney said in 2018 he was offered a job with Camcóv, but he refused to leave.

There was talk that he could return to the England national side, but the team said that was not happening. Now, Cora­neys hopes to become the manager of Camcordi, one of the country’s oldest clubs.

That means he would need to train with the England squad at the academy and help build the club.