Trump: U.S. healthcare system is ‘far worse’ than ‘corporate America’

Donald Trump has repeatedly described the Affordable Care Act as “far worse” than the U.K.’s private healthcare system.

The Republican presidential nominee spoke to reporters Tuesday on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention, where he is expected to accept the party’s nomination at the party convention.

The ACA, Trump said, “is a massive catastrophe.

And the only people that know that are the CEOs of the corporations that own this country.

It’s far worse than the private healthcare systems.

They’re all running around the world, and they’re all using the same excuse.

It will bankrupt them.

And that’s why we need a system that doesn’t have a monopoly on health care.”

The ACA has been criticized by some Democrats as too costly, but Trump has called it “probably the most successful, most successful healthcare program in history.”

Trump made the remarks during an interview with CNBC.

The presumptive GOP nominee said the ACA has worked well for consumers, as many of the uninsured were able to purchase health insurance.

Trump, however, said the public health system is “far, far worse” and said the U,S.

is “in danger of being totally run by a government run by corporate America.”

The Republican nominee has repeatedly accused Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of being “corporate” and “corrupt.”

The presumptive Republican nominee also attacked Clinton’s handling of the FBI investigation into her private email server and her ties to Russia.

In an interview on Fox News, Trump called Clinton “corrupted” and accused her of “corruption” at every level of government.

He also said he will “win” the election if he is elected president.