How to stop insurers from ‘dumping’ your own sicker patients

A California health care system is rolling out a new plan to let employees buy sicker insurance on their own.

The plan, known as the BayCare Health System, will let employees get the cheapest, most affordable policies.

California’s largest employer, UnitedHealth Group, has been a big advocate for the new plan, which would be available to employees starting in October.

UnitedHealth said it was the first of its kind in the country.

The company said it would be offering its own policies, similar to the ones offered by the Kaiser Permanente, to help employees afford health insurance.

The BayCare health plan was designed to cover the costs of medical care for its employees, but not for retirees.

Kaiser Pomeroy’s annual report shows the average annual premium for a senior who qualifies for the plan has been about $1,000 more than the Kaiser Foundation’s benchmark for a private plan.

But that’s about the same as what it would cost a Kaiser Foundation-approved plan for the same age.

Kaiser said the plan would help people keep more of their health care costs in the family and prevent them from having to rely on others to cover more of the cost.

The Kaiser Health Plan, which was created in 2014, covers people 65 and older, who make up about 12 percent of the population.