Nuvance Health System,Atlantic Health System specialist to resign

Nuvence Health System’s Senior Medical Specialist, Dr. Patrick McGovern, is resigning effective January 1, 2018.

The company announced McGovern’s resignation on Tuesday.

The announcement comes two days after McGovern was asked by the CEO and General Manager of the Atlantic Health System about a lack of resources and resources to meet health system’s patient needs.

McGovern responded to the CEO’s questions, saying, “I believe that I was given a head start in the last five years and that is one of the reasons that we have a shortage of staff, and a shortage in the patient experience.

I want to apologize to my colleagues and our patients for not getting that right.”

The company also confirmed that McGovern will not be the permanent CEO of the company.

He will serve as an interim leader for the next six months.

NuvanceHealth Systems is the leading provider of health care services in New Brunswick.

NuvaRing Health Systems is Nuvances Health System and Atlantic Health Systems.

Nuit Blanche Health System is Nuit Blanches Health System.

The Atlantic Health systems is a regional health system in Nova Scotia.