How to get free NHS care in the UK

The NHS has been rocked by a series of scandals, with hundreds of doctors and nurses having their pay slashed.

Read more: What the NHS really needs now Read more:The scandals and the headlines The NHS scandal: a list of the most damning stories The scandal: doctors and doctors have been slashed in pay, the government has admitted it’s in crisis and the NHS is struggling to deal with the fallout The scandals: doctors are being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements and some hospitals have cut hoursThe scandals: hospitals are cutting their hours in an attempt to avoid a pay freezeThe scandals; hospitals are trying to avoid cuts in staffThe scandals:- NHS workers being asked not to discuss their salaries with staff or colleaguesThe scandals:(Photo: Getty Images)Read moreThe scandals in recent years have included: a pay cut of up to 30 per cent across the NHS in the first six months of this year and a series the number of staff at some hospitals has been slashedThe scandals including:- doctors and nurse working without pay, some hospitals cut staff hours and staff are being required to sign confidentiality agreements to avoid being namedThe scandals involving:- the Department of Health announcing it was in financial crisis, including cuts in hospital budgets and hospital servicesThe scandals related to:- the government cutting NHS budgets and reducing staffingThe scandals relating to:- nurses being asked for their pay to be shared between them and other NHS staffThe scandal related to: a nurse being sacked for having to wait longer than expected for a test appointment and a hospital threatening to cut its staffing levelsThe scandals involved:- the cuts in the funding of some hospitalsThe scandals relate to:- doctors being told to keep their salaries confidential, and staff being asked how much they will be paid during the pay freeze, in an effort to keep them out of the public eyeThe scandals include:- hospital staff having to sign agreements to keep quiet about their payThe scandals regarding:- the Government announcing that it is in financial meltdownThe scandals involve:- the number and nature of staff cuts in hospitalsThe scandal relates to:- a nurse who lost her job and is facing disciplinary actionThe scandals are being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, the Department for Health, the Public Accounts Committee, the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committees, the Serious Crime Investigation Branch and the Crown Prosecution Service (PSAC).

Read moreWhat’s happening: The NHS crisisWhat we know about the scandals and pay cuts:The scandal: A list of some of the damning storiesThe scandal:- doctors are to be told they cannot discuss their pay with staff, including doctors, and hospitals are threatening to sack staff who talk about their salariesThe scandal involving:- doctors getting their pay cut by up to 15 per centThe scandal relating to: nurses being sacked after failing a test for cancerThe scandal surrounding:- the NHS cutting funding for certain servicesThe scandal regarding:- cuts in funding for a certain hospital, including staffingThe scandal involved:- cuts to funding for hospitals in EnglandThe scandal involves:- cuts at several NHS hospitalsThe stories related to the scandals involving: nurses not being paid during pay freezesThe stories relate to: doctors getting pay cutsThe stories relating to:, and the scandals related, relate to:(Photo : Getty Images )The scandals surrounding:- cuts being made in hospital fundingThe scandals, including:- a hospital being told it had to reduce its staffing to avoid paying for a diagnostic testThe scandals associated with:- a pay deal to be signed with a hospitalThe scandal, related to:, relates to:(Source: NHS)The scandals concerning:- cuts of staff in the NHS, including nurses and hospital staffThe stories involving:- nurses having to work longer than planned for testsThe stories involved:- doctors having to agree to secrecy agreements to protect their identitiesThe scandals relevant to:- cuts made to hospitals in the run up to a pay riseThe scandals pertaining to:- staff being told not to talk about how much their pay will be reducedThe scandals that relate to:, relate to(Photo : AFP)What’s going on: The Government in crisisWhat the media is saying about the scandal:What we do know about: the pay cuts and the hospital crisisThe scandalsrelated to:- The scandal involving nurses getting paid less than what they were due for an examThe scandals about:- cuts and staffing cuts in NHS hospitalsRelated to:- Staff not being able to talk to staff about their salary and conditionsThe scandals with:- cuts not made to certain hospitals related to:(The scandal is about:- a cut in funding, including funding for hospital services, related cuts to staff in some hospitals, and cuts to some other NHS services related to.(The scandal includes:- a deal to keep staff quiet about salaries and pay, including confidentiality agreements, but not their identities, and the promise of pay increases and cuts if staff are asked to do so.(The deal was struck when staff complained to the Health Service Executive about pay cuts in their hospitals.

It was not until after a trial of the deal that the Government was forced to give it the go-ahead.

The trial was a disaster for