A health system that provides chestnut-infused coffee and other nutritional products is raising concerns in New Jersey

Chestnut Health Systems is raising health system concerns about its use of Nutritional Supplement Corporation products.

The Nutritional Supplements Corporation was created in 2012 to create nutritional supplements that would contain no added sugar.

But some experts have raised concerns about Nutritional Subs in general.

In a letter to NJHealth officials last month, the health system said Nutritional Substances Corporation products may be linked to a variety of adverse events, including increased heart attacks, diabetes and obesity.

It also said Nutrient Subs products may contain unapproved ingredients and may have a negative impact on the body’s natural immune response and immune function.

In October, NJHealth announced it would ban Nutritional Products Corporation products in the state.

In its letter to the health department, Nutritional Surplus also noted the state has “significant concerns” about Nutrient Substances Corp. products, including potential links to a number of adverse health outcomes, including cancer, autoimmune disease and heart disease.

The health department said it will consider the letter and others.

A spokesman for NJHealth said the department has been working closely with Nutritional Supers and other health care providers to educate them on Nutrient Supplements Corp. and how they may be used.