When the Allegheny Health System fails, it’s time to look to the federal government

The Allegheny County Health System is expected to lose $1.5 billion in state funding, according to a letter sent to county leaders.

The Allegheny Healthcare System is a health system for the city of Allegheny, where the city’s hospital has been for more than 40 years.

The health system, known for its innovative approach to care, has seen significant changes in recent years.

A state law in the early 2000s gave the system federal funding, but the administration did not approve the transfer.

The letter was written by the Alleghenys Health Systems board chairman, Robert McHenry, and was sent to Allegheny county leaders Monday.

It asks for the state to approve a new, non-binding financial plan for the county that will provide more than $500 million in state aid.

It is unclear how much of that will go to Alleghenies health system.

McHenry said he believes the county has been in the black for years, but that a financial plan is needed.

“We need to address the root causes of the current financial problems, including the state of the healthcare system, which we have a lot of work to do,” he said.

The system, run by the county health department, is the only county health agency that operates in Pennsylvania.

Its primary purpose is to provide primary care to low-income and vulnerable residents.

Its funding is cut in half every two years, with the last budget for fiscal year 2017 not funded until 2020.

The budget is expected in coming months, but has not yet been approved.

The Alleghenics board is set to meet again in April to discuss possible funding for the 2017 budget.

A new health care system has been announced for the Allegganys county.

The state-funded Allegheny Hospital for a year-and-a-half was expected to be replaced with a new system with more than 1,000 beds.

The new system will include about 500 beds for patients with severe acute illness and a second hospital for those with less serious conditions.

The state has not announced plans for the new system.