iowa Health System’s website crashed due to technical issues

A glitch in a Wisconsin health system website has put the system offline, leaving some of its 6 million customers unable to access it.

The glitch, which first appeared Sunday morning, has impacted the website, a resource for information about iowa’s health system.

It took about an hour for the site to restore, according to a statement from the iowas health system, which says the outage is affecting about 300,000 people.

The statement said it’s working to restore the website, and is continuing to monitor the issue.

It did not say when the site might return.

The system has had problems since the fall, when the state’s health department began accepting payments from the insurance company Aetna to help cover its operations.

The payments were suspended last year, when Aetnanet stopped paying the payments altogether.

Aetna has denied any wrongdoing.

A spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Department of Health said it is working with iowa and Aetanet to determine the cause of the problem.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the Wisconsin health department is notifying people who may have been impacted by the outage.