‘I have no choice’: Indian doctor says he can’t treat ailing son due to ‘lack of funds’

The Indian doctor who has suffered a fatal stroke and heart attack as a result of lack of funding has appealed to the government for money to save his son.

Professor Jagendra Sharma was in a coma for more than a month following a heart attack in December last year and died three days later.

The 64-year-old father of six was a professor at the Bodh Gaya Medical College of Gujarat.

His son, Dharameshwar, had died two months ago.

“My family is devastated.

I cannot afford to pay for my son’s hospital bills,” Sharma said.

“There are no doctors to help my son.

My son died of heart attack and I cannot treat him,” he said.

Dr Sharma’s wife and daughter said they had no choice but to ask the government to fund his son’s treatment.

Dr Ram Kumar Singh, a doctor at the same hospital, said he could not find any funds for his son as he was not given any hospital bed for treatment.

“I have been giving the same advice to the state governments, the Centre and the federal government for years.

It has been difficult for me to find any support for my patients.

My husband is a father of three children.

I have to work for my life,” he told NDTV.

Dr Singh said the doctors in his area had been told by senior officials to send their patients to private hospitals but there was no money available.

“We are trying our best to find a solution.

There is no alternative but to treat the family,” he added.

Doctors have also been asking the Centre for money.

“Doctors and other health workers have been pleading for government to give them funds to treat my son,” said Dr Manish Kalia, a specialist at a private hospital.

Dr Kalia said he had been working for over 20 years but had no money to pay his bills.

“It’s very hard.

I am not even getting my own money.

I had to quit my job to save my son but we cannot afford him.

He has died and we are trying to find other ways to save him,” said Kalia.