The Valley Health System’s new system will put more people in hospital and increase the costs of treating them

Posted July 10, 2018 08:17:17 A new Valley Health system is being rolled out in the New South Wales capital.

Key points:VHS, which runs some of the state’s biggest health systems, is being phased out in Western AustraliaThe new system is part of a wider shift to digital servicesThe Valley Health Board said it was a cost-saving measure to meet the challenges of the internet ageVHS in Western Victoria will be phased out from July 1, 2019.

The system is designed to improve patient care, and reduce the number of people in hospitals, while still maintaining the quality of care available in the community.

The Valley health board is proposing a one-off levy on those who visit the Valley Health Services Network to pay for the rollout of the new system.

“It is a one off levy to support the Valley and to give us the flexibility to move forward with the implementation of the Valley’s new health system,” the health board said in a statement.

“The Valley has been a leader in reducing hospital admissions, and we have worked hard to improve the outcomes of patients in our hospitals.”

The health board says the levy will help pay for its $50 million network expansion.VHS was one of the main health systems in Western Australian for a long time, but it’s been phased out across the state.

The valley health board will be looking at how to continue to operate VHS in other parts of Western Australia, while the rest of the health system moves to digital and mobile.

Videos: VHS closed in WA, New South.

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