When your health care costs are out of your reach

Inova Health system is facing financial woes after a huge bill was passed to the system for a massive amount of money.

The bill was over $100 million.

Inova has been struggling to get money for the health system, which had been operating under a state of emergency.

The bill passed in the state senate has been debated for weeks.

The majority of the senate members support the bill, while several members are against it.

The health system was shut down due to the Zika virus in March.

The state has also faced a state-wide crisis of lack of funding.

There are also fears that the government is not doing enough to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the state.

Inova is one of the most vulnerable areas in the country, according to the World Health Organization.

According to the Health Insurance Organisation, Inova is among the poorest regions in the entire country.

It has a population of nearly 40,000, but the city is home to just 4,000 people.

The city is also home to over 6,000 homeless people.

The bills are expected to be passed in several days.

In order to protect its reputation, Inva has hired a new CEO to the city, and has also appointed a new board of directors.